Israeli artist Iddo Markus was born in 1979 in Boston, United States and moved with his parents to Israel the same year. Markus grew up in Herzliya and today he lives and works as an active artist in Haifa, Israel. Iddo Markus is most recognized for his dynamic installation series through which he exhibits hundreds of his miniature paintings on wood, all painted throughout different periods of time.

With that in mind, Markus actually started his artistic journey with photography and later moved on to drawing, painting, and installations. He studied photography from 1995-1997 in Wizo Tsarfat high school, served as a photographer in the army, and then continued on to study drawing and painting at School of Visual Arts in New York in 2002. From 2005 until 2008 Markus majored in art at Hamidrasha, Faculty of Arts at Beit Berl College. In 2013, he continued on to receive an art degree from The University of Haifa.
Iddo Markus is an exceptionally dynamic artist who moves between mediums and experiments with his exhibition style, while his artistic content deals with local and the universal issues. In his contemporary works, Markus contemplates the tension that lies between a single iconic image and its excessive digital reproductions.
Markus’ artistic process seamlessly corresponds with its conceptual backing. While working with materials he gathers from the street and the internet, he emphasizes the blurry area between private and public. In their final stages, his works appear as both figurative and abstract in style; a blend of different eras and techniques.
In the past 10 years Markus has had many solo and group exhibitions predominantly in Israel, in addition to India and the United States.